Behold the mighty power of Apple!

We are mere humans. We stand back in awe at what the gods of Silicon Valley have brought to us! Let us honor the gods by paying homage to their greatness!

That’s the subtle takeaway from Apple’s Holiday 2017 promotional imagery. Why else would they make the people so small? Perhaps it’s just a lighthearted way to dress up their products, or a tie-in with the upcoming “Honey, I shrunk myself and now you don’t want to join me!” film Downsizing that opens this month. But the idea is there – mere humans are small fish compared to the genius of Big Tech.

We see this attitude elsewhere too as tech companies try to make our lives “easier” by attempting to solve so-called “pain points” for us, like what to do when we run out of laundry detergent or how to avoid standing in line for a coffee. Or showing us how to get somewhere without asking someone or (God forbid!) opening a paper map. Or even the painful experience of getting up off our behinds and turning off a room light. “Alexa, why am I so lazy?”

Is innovation a necessity? Do the teams at these companies stop long enough to question whether we want or need a solution to the pain point they have identified? We need to show these companies we don’t need all this help, that we can navigate our lives without constant reliance on gadgets and connected services. “Alexa, leave me alone!”

Apple Holiday 2017 Imagery Watch

Images Copyright Apple, Inc. Used without permission under fair use law.

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