Living Authentically in the Age of the Smartphone

Tech Oblivion. Tech Check. iLife. LifeLike. Screened. I mulled over quite a few names for this blog before finally landing on:

Authentic adj 1. not false or copied; genuine; real. 2. having an origin supported by unquestionable evidence. 3. representing one’s true nature or beliefs; true to oneself. 4. reliable, trustworthy.

The word comes from the Latin authenticus, meaning coming from the author, genuine, and from the Greek authentikós, meaning original, primary, one who does things himself, a doer.

In a world of virtual reality, digital trickery, binge-watching, and fake news, authentic is real, genuine, true to self, and trustworthy. A doer. The author. Authentic is open with no need for a facade. Authentic can be trusted. Authentic doesn’t need airbrushed. It doesn’t need likes and followers for validation. It doesn’t need instant gratification. It is careful, patient, and kind. It is friendly. Authentic is the genuine article.

The mission of this blog is to inspire and encourage people to live authentically in the Age of the Smartphone. We are getting lulled into submission by tech companies who build ecosystems around our lives, collecting, predicting, curating, informing, influencing, and shaping all the parts of ourselves that make our identity. They don’t do it because they care about us. They don’t do it to celebrate individuality, even though their marketing suggests this. They do it because we are their bread and butter, their cash cow, their money bags. It turns out that the information of our lives, from the minute details to the milestones, is worth a whole heck of a lot of money when sold to the highest bidder and utilized for pure, unadulterated profit.

Far from doom and gloom or alarmist technophobia, this blog will inform and entertain with short, witty, humorous, and down-to-earth commentary about the issues we all face in the age in which we live. The answer is not to avoid tech. That would be impossible! The answer is to set boundaries and control the tech so it doesn’t control us. To use tech responsibly.

That is living authentically.

Photo credit: Fotolia. A note on the photo: I chose this image out of a set. Other images in the set show the happy couple using their smartphones to snap pictures around them and of themselves. Authentic living, then, is not the absence of tech – it’s the appropriate use of it to enhance, not detract, from life.

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