Listen: How to hold tech companies loosely

On a recent episode of her radio show Relationship Insights, author and speaker Carrie Abbott interviewed me about how to stay in control and get the most out of our relationship with technology. In the first segment, we discussed my blog post Does your tech ecosystem have the same worldview as you? I explain how the values and beliefs of a tech company’s leaders and employees can influence us as we interact with their products and services. Because of this, we should hold them loosely. We are the boss of the technology we use, and we need to evaluate our relationship with tech companies and not be afraid to let go of certain platforms, products, or services that don’t align with our worldview. In the second segment of our chat, I focus on my realization that technology is actually all about us – it’s the art and skill used to literally weave together tools useful for human living. The exciting thing is that this art and skill doesn’t just refer to the maker of a tech tool – it’s about the art and skill involved in how we use that tech tool and what good we can bring about with it for ourselves and others. I develop this idea further in a recent article for BreakPoint.

Listen as Carrie and I celebrate technology and give listeners tips on how to use tech tools responsibly.

Carrie Abbott and Andrew McDiarmid discuss technology on Relationship Insights radio.

Listen to more episodes of Relationship Insights.

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