The force is strong with Apple. Here’s how to resist

In the first post of my new technology column at, I write about the magnetic force Apple creates between its products and the customers who use them.

Taking their cues from human psychology, they make it all about us. They appeal to our innate sense of beauty with impeccable design and manufacturing standards. They home in on our desire for acceptance and family by showing us how we can customize products to our unique tastes and stay connected with the people we care about. And by making the small look majestic and awe-inspiring, they appeal to our curiosity. In short, we are drawn to Apple’s gear, just as two objects are drawn to one another by the properties of magnetism.

We are the resistance. We are the boss of our tech. And as I say in the article, living authentically in the digital age “requires critical thinking, clear priorities, and a commitment to resist both the fear of missing out and the lure of the next new thing.”

Read the whole post.

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