The coolest tech on the planet (Hint: it’s inside you!)

When we look at an iPhone or a jet airplane, we don’t need anyone to tell us those things were designed and built by other human beings. Our appreciation for applied intelligence comes as second nature to us—we intuitively recognize the work of other minds.

In a new post for my technology column at Newsmax, I make the connection between the modern digital tech we use every day and the digital information technology inside living cells. I report on a recent tweet from the world’s most famous scientific atheist, evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins, who confesses to be knocked “sideways with wonder at the miniaturized intricacy of the data-processing machinery in the living cell.”

Dawkins is a staunch defender of neo-Darwinism, and believes along with his “New Atheist” colleagues that the mechanism of natural selection acting on random variations (and mutations) can mimic the powers of a designing intelligence without being intelligent itself. However, some scientists and philosophers now doubt Dawkins’s confident assurance that evolutionary biology has shown that all appearances of design in life are an illusion.

Read the full post at It’s also re-posted at Mind Matters, the news and commentary site of the Walter Bradley Center for Natural and Artificial Intelligence.

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