Three ways going retro can help you stay rooted

In a new column for, I look at the rising popularity of vinyl records in recent years and suggest two other retro technologies that could also offer mental and physical benefits to us in the digital age.

While several factors affect music consumption trends, vinyl endures for two main reasons. First, the music sounds better on vinyl, and second, it’s a physical product that can be handled.

The reward is an enhanced musical experience, an earthy, intimate session with your favorite artist or band. But is physical vinyl just an anomaly in a virtual landscape? Or can other retro technology enhance our mental health and stimulate our physical senses in ways that screens and virtual content can’t?

The humble newspaper has been around for centuries, and for a long time was the dominant form of news distribution around the world. Even today, as we scroll through endless news feeds online, physical newspapers have clear benefits to us.

I also look at the humble spinning top, a toy that has been bringing delight to young and old for millennia. We’ve got lots of digital gadgets to play with today, but here are three good reasons to start a spinning top collection.

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