About Authentic Technology

To be authentic with technology is to:

  • Understand the true meaning of the word technology
  • Establish healthy boundaries with the tech in our lives
  • Think for ourselves using the most powerful computer we have (our brain)
  • Harness technology wisely to better ourselves and others

All around us, connected devices abound. We are entrusting huge technology companies with much of our selves. More than offering us useful services, these companies are actually shaping our identity in ways we don’t even realize or appreciate yet. It is time to reclaim our selves and our humanity by being authentic with our technology.

Authentic Technology offers inspiration, encouragement, and information you need to think for yourself and live well in the digital age.

About the Author

A scintillating venturer beyond the surfaces of technology to their hidden depths and meanings.

George Gilder
best-selling author, contributing editor, Forbes

Andrew McDiarmid is a senior fellow of the Discovery Institute. He writes a column on technology at Newsmax.com. His writing on technology has appeared in the San Francisco Chronicle, Seattle Times, The Herald (Scotland), Technoskeptic Magazine, BreakPoint.org, and others.